To Integrate or Not to Integrate?

In today’s fast moving eCommerce space, there are a few giants that are capturing mind share. In nearly every conversation a company has about implementing eCommerce, the first question that the eCommerce selection team often asks is, “What big name eCommerce platform should we use?”

That’s the wrong question.

The right first question is, “What eCommerce platform best integrates into our accounting system?” Having a big-name eCommerce platform is slightly better than useless if there is no integration or if the integration is simply band-aided together. So, if big name platforms have captured some of your staff’s mind-share, but can’t capture orders, customer pricing, contract pricing or stock availability, maybe it is time to expand your search.

How Much Money Would You Save?

One question I always ask our clients is, “How much money did you save since your customers started doing your order entry for you?” The numbers were huge. One client told me the savings were $52.00 per order on a volume of 1,200 orders per month. That is a saving of a staggering $748,800 per year!

Another client told me they saved $109,500 in year one, but they noticed something far more valuable: the positive relationship that started developing between their staff and customers. In the past, with their non-integrated eCommerce platform, when customers placed an order, the staff would have to re-key it into the accounting system. Inevitably mistakes would happen. This would cause the customer to call up and share their displeasure (and not in a shy way). Only then would the right product be ordered. This usually meant our client had to incur the additional costs of shipping the correct product to their customer as well as paying for shipping the incorrect product back.

Enter the integrated eCommerce solution! Now when the customer places the order online it is directly captured into the client’s Sage ERP. No more rekeying. No more data entry errors. No more disgruntled customer calls.

Integration is easy, right?

“I’ll buy one of the big boys and just integrate it to my accounting system.”  You won’t believe how many times we’ve heard that line! The problem is that integration is just not THAT easy.

commercebuild is purpose built to integrate seamlessly with Sage 300 and Sage X3. We have invested significant time and money to make sure that integration is as seamless as possible for our clients. That investment is why commercebuild is the only Sage certified eCommerce solution. So, when a non-Sage certified eCommerce vendor tells you, “We can do that integration into Sage – it’s easy,” you need to understand it is going to be a very expensive project that will only get you a fraction of the integration you need to run your eCommerce business efficiently. And then there is the cost. We have had too many clients that went down the “We can integrate to that” path with a non-Sage certified eCommerce vendor only to find that after hundreds of thousands of dollars spent and months wasted…they can’t integrate into your Sage system.

Now, they have to start all over again with most of your eCommerce implementation budget shot.

So, what is different about commercebuild’s integration?

Well, to start with, we replicate over 40 tables from the accounting system to the commercebuild platform. Using standard MSSQL technology, we ensure that those tables are kept in sync. When you change a price in your Sage X3 or Sage 300 system or change a customer’s discount level or do any number of things, your eCommerce platform will be updated with the new information.

Due to the deep integration between Sage ERP and the commercebuild platform, the web store knows everything about your customer – their currency, their discount level, their taxes, the items they are allowed to buy, their contract price, their preferred warehouse, etc. When a customer places an order on the eCommerce platform, it is written into the accounting system in two to three seconds. All of your customer’s transaction history is displayed as well – not just web orders. They can see debit notes, credit notes, payments, paid and open invoices, quotes and orders. They can even pay open invoices online with our integrated credit card payment module.

Therefore, as a business owner, looking at eCommerce for your business; start the conversation with, “What eCommerce platforms integrate to my accounting system?” 

Choose intelligent eCommerce, choose commercebuild.

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