How to Get More Customer Reviews

Why are customer reviews important?

Customer reviews are critical. 92% of consumers read online reviews and 80% trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.


Needless to say, a high percentage of your customers depend on product reviews to help them with buying decisions. More importantly, a high percentage of your prospects expect to see customer reviews in order for them to pick your brand in the first place.

So, if you are looking to improve your conversion rates and generate more revenue – let’s talk about how you can get more customer reviews to help you to do just that!

3 ways to get more customer reviews

1) Enable reviews on your eCommerce store

For prospects that have never been to your eCommerce store, customer reviews can play a critical role in helping them find the right products and in strengthening buying decisions. An added bonus – Google will rank your site higher if you are consistently adding fresh content. New reviews on your eCommerce store act as fresh content and therefore help in your search engine ranking!

You want to make your reviews section clean and visible. In the commercebuild platform, there is a star rating right underneath the product code to show the average rating and the number of reviews for the product. Additionally, there is a review section underneath the product description box with detailed comments, customer names and individual star ratings.


2) Provide your customers with various platforms to leave reviews on

Different types of customers trust different platforms for customer reviews. Needless to say, they prefer to leave reviews on the same platforms they use on a daily basis. For this reason, it is important to provide your customers with various platforms where they could leave a review. Here are our suggestions:

a) Social Media

Millennials form the largest chunk of the American online shopping community (67% of millennials prefer to shop online) and, not surprisingly, between 19%-24% of these online purchases have started off with a social referral link.

Social media plays a huge role in buying decisions and a lack of social media presence or social reviews can significantly harm conversion rates (specially for B2C businesses). Make sure that your social media pages are updated and that you encourage your customers to leave reviews on your social pages.

If you are ready for something a little more advanced, you can check out influencer marketing and affiliate marketing. They are both efficient ways to get influential reviews that reach more of your target market- more on this in our next few #TipThursdays!

b) External platforms

External platforms can be extremely useful for building your brand’s reputation and increasing your SEO ranking. Yelp is an extremely popular review site that not only has a strong reputation for trustworthy reviews, it can also help with your SERP (search engine results page) ranking! In the same manner, Google My Business pages are a trustworthy source for reviews and are a great alternative for your customer segment that doesn’t live on social media or have access to Yelp.

3) Always Follow Up

Do you know why most businesses don’t get repeat customers?

They have zero nurturing campaigns for their customers. Your customers want to hear from you and they want to feel valued so it is important to have a follow-up strategy in place to keep your customers happy. Here are our suggestions:

a) Personalized follow-up email after purchase

Here is a quick tip to get this started: Dig into your customer lists and pinpoint the ones that buy from you often. Do you have customers that purchase the same product again and again? Make a list of such customers and send them a personalized email asking them about their experience and if they would like to leave a review on the site. If you start to see positive results, slowly automate the process and send it out to all new customers a week or two after their purchase. Not only will your customers feel listened to and continue to buy from you, you will also gather more reviews that help new customers with their buying decisions! Here is an example of a follow-up email:


b) Addressing negative reviews

Fact: Negative reviews are costing you money. A recent study by Go Fish Digital shows that 1 negative result can cause your company to lose 22% of potential customers.

So if your company or product receives a negative review, DO NOT ignore it! Make sure that you acknowledge the review, apologize for the inconvenience and suggest a course of action to fix it. Unacknowledged negative reviews reflect poorly on your customer service and show a lack of care for current customers. This can deter prospects (especially friends and family of the reviewer) from buying from your eCommerce store. Turn negative reviews into a positive for your business by acknowledging them. This shows positively on your customers service, provides an explanation for the issue that has been brought up and helps improve conversion rates immensely!

Positive customer reviews are a revenue generating tactic, so don’t be shy to ask your customers to share their experience. There are a ton of businesses that sit back and hope that their customers will come and review their products. If you are doing everything mentioned in the above three steps and still not getting reviews, get personal, reach out directly and ask! If nothing else, at least you will learn why you are not getting any reviews and can switch to a better strategy.

Looking for an eCommerce solution? Talk to us about the world’s only Sage certified eCommerce platform – commercebuild. Shoot us an email at and we would be happy to help!


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