Variant Products: The Same but Different

When your customers come to your website they expect to find the right product as quickly as possible. To do so you need to make things simple, especially if you have variant products. A variant product is the same product, but with unique identifiers such as color, size, dimension, materials or… well, you get the picture…

A common example is a t-shirt that may come in three different sizes (small, medium or large) or colors (white, red or blue). In your Sage ERP that would be nine different products and SKUs, but it doesn’t mean you have to list nine products on your eCommerce platform.

How do you achieve this?

If you have variant products there is no need to fill your category pages with repetitive images and names. The complexity of your catalog doesn’t mean the user experience for your customers needs to be complex.

With commercebuild you can:

– Group these variant products together to display on a single product page.

– Customize the way variations are displayed: dropdown, swatches, matrix or even a combination of the three!

– Define a default image and a specific one for each combination.

Creating product variants is a useful way to organize inventory that may only vary in a small way. It makes the category pages look less cluttered, making it easier for your customers to browse And because you will improve their experience by offering additional product options they not have known about, you will drive more revenue from your online experience.

Need an example?

Here is how one of our clients use the variant products:


Looking to improve the online experience customers by showcasing variant products? To set up a demo, contact We would love to help!


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