The eCommerce Experience: Orders Sync and Open Invoices Payment

Experience is a key consideration for your customers when it comes to eCommerce. And that experience often becomes more important than the actual products you sell. Experience can only be achieved through integration. Integration between your eCommerce solution and your Sage ERP.

Integration is the first – and the most important – question when looking at an eCommerce solution. That the business logic you’ve developed in your Sage ERP system is easily extended to the digital world.

To scale your business you need to make sure there is continuity between front and back office systems so that your customers can easily:

– Place an order over the phone and pay it online

– Place an order online and ask for your customer service team for shipment status

With commercebuild all of this is seamless. Orders placed online are automatically sent to your Sage ERP in real-time. No rekeying or exporting required when you have an integrated eCommerce solution. And orders placed directly via your customer service team are synchronized with your online store.

commercebuild provides your customers with a view over all the orders they’ve placed, regardless of what channel. They can see the order lines, the amount, the status, and much more!


And they can pay any unpaid invoices via commercebuild.


All of this translates into lower operational costs through improved efficiencies for your business. Staff burdened with tedious order entry duties can be redeployed to more value-driven initiatives for your business.

And for your customers? Integration between commercebuild and your Sage ERP means a better user experience.

Want to learn more about how you can improve the online experience for your customers to improve operating efficiencies and increase revenue?
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